"Mr. Richard is a gifted teacher who connects with his students on a personal level, and who extends that connection to the music. Our children have developed musicality, strong ears, and musical intuition through their years of piano and, more recently, voice lessons with him.  He is warm, funny, and generous -- even when our children  forget to practice.  We feel very lucky to have him as a teacher and highly recommend him."


I have been a student of Mr. Donohue for 15 years, since I was in kindergarten in 2006. My piano lessons were my first introduction to a formal music education, one that inspired me to become a music educator myself. Mr. Donohue has constantly pushed me to be the best musician I can be, in both piano and music theory training. As I progressed in my studies, Mr. Donohue has incorporated music theory into my piano playing, always checking up on my skills. He is an incredibly kind and brilliant teacher, always adjusting his teaching methods to best suit his student’s needs. He knows very well, through many years of experience, that every student is different and learns in a different manner. I took a break from lessons during my freshman year of college at The Hartt School, but during my sophomore year, I decided to take them again, since Mr. Donohue was offering lessons remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was incredibly helpful to my schedule and I was so thankful to take lessons again.

I have had many of my family members and friends around town take lessons with Mr. Donohue. I rave about his teaching to my classmates at Hartt and aspire to teach like him in the coming years.

-Megan Camilleri, student since ‘06


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