Voice Lessons

Mr. Donohue believes that a fundamental, physical understanding of the technique of singing is the basis for all styles of the art.  Emphasis is placed of proper breathing, phonic production, diction, site-reading, and interpretation - all of which may be taught at any age.  He further believes in regular practice and works with each student to develop a practice schedule that works with today's busy lifestyles.  Lessons are generally once a week, and a regularly scheduled time, and last for 1/2 hour.  

Repertoire for early voice lessons is drawn from collections of children's and folk songs such as Go In and Out The Window. Songs in English, French, German, and Latin are used to explore the technique of human sound production in addition to artistic expression and interpretation.  For other early voice students, repertoire is drawn from books such as 56 Songs You Like to Sing and the Art Song which include songs in several languages. To emphasize proper breathing techniques and vowel and consonant diction, technical methods such as Sieber, Vaccai, and Ponofka are introduced as well as various vocal exercises. Students involved in school music programs and productions are encouraged to use material from those activities during their lessons.  

High School students wishing to prepare for All-State auditions use material from 24 Italian Songs and Site reading exercises.  Similar material along with other classical songs are used to prepare for college Auditions.  

Voice Lesson Accompaniment Tracks

I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls