Piano Lessons

Richard F. Donohue  offers piano lessons for beginner through intermediate students of all ages.  Generally, lessons follow one of the courses of study listed below but specifications are made for each individual student.  Mr. Donohue believes that following an appreciation of music, and a desire to be a musician, the most essential skill for any student to acquire is a strong ability to read music.  He further believes in regular practice and works with each student to develop a practice schedule that works with today's busy lifestyles.  Lessons are generally once a week, at a regularly scheduled time, and last for 1/2 hour.  

Beginner/Elementary -Intermediate Piano  

Beginner piano lessons are taught at the pace of the individual student and most often employ either the John W. Schaum or John Thompson methods. Technical exercises such as Schaum's Finger Power series are used to develop the student's finger strength as well as major scales taught in contrary and parallel motion and arpeggios (chords). Each Elementary piece is accompanied with a study guide highlighting the specific elements of theory, history, and interpretation that it features. 

Early technical exercises give way to the first book of Hanon's Virtuoso Pianist. When the student has reached the intermediate level by completing a method series, collections such as the Sonatina Album published by G. Schirmer and J.S. Bach’s 2 & 3 Part Inventions are employed. 

In the spirit of keeping lessons as enjoyable as possible, Mr. Donohue encourages each student to also play music from their favorite genre using appropriately leveled sheet music.   (Pop, Rock, Country, Broadway, Classical,  the ever popular family entertainment giant with theme parks in Florida and California, etc.)